Now, reveal your SPARK CIRCLES with a Brightened, Smoothed, Firmed look of the aging EYE CONTOUR SKIN without using Concealers - 100% Naturally!

Dark circles

As we age, our skin loses collagen and oil glands and gets thinner and less elastic. The dark blood vessels around the eye area now become more visible, causing the area to look darker, more hollowed, and more aged.  
Of course, dehydration, lack of sleep, and sun exposure, among others, are major reasons why you have prominent dark circles. 

And as we embark on the journey into our 40s, 50s, or beyond, the thin, delicate skin around the eyes gets more prone to dryness, irritation, and pigmentation, showing the earliest signs of fatigue and aging. 
The result? The prominent, dominating look of DARK CIRCLES, HOLLOWS, CROW'S FEET, FINE LINES, TIRED LOOK, and PUFFINESS overwhelm our natural charm. (Did you know a tired, darkened eye area can make you look almost 10 years older than you actually are)
What's worse – 

The Modern Beauty Industry has convinced us that makeup and concealing are the ONLY ways to look youthful, radiant, and well-rested. 

But does it have to be so? 

Certainly not! Especially if you’ve ever heard of Ayurveda! This 5000-year-old Science of Life is a holistic system of medicine that focuses on tackling problems at their roots. 

In fact, that’s what makes Ayurveda stand out – instead of being corrective, it’s preventative and prefers long-lasting, real transformations over quick-fix solutions. 

So that you can flaunt real, beautiful skin rather than hiding and concealing it behind makeup. 

Here are 3 FAIL-PROOF ways that can Guarantee a Much-Brightened Look of Dark Circles, Without the Need for Concealers! 

1. Notice the onset of FISHY EYES on your Eye Contour

To work on a true solution, it's important to notice the problem areas, especially on their onset!

If you have seen 40 summers or more...

Dark Circles could be the most pressing BUT NOT THE ONLY concern.

Fishy Eyes

See this gorgeous woman's eye area?
You might notice she has the same signs of aging around her eyes as we all do. But a closer look, and you’ll notice the crepey texture forming a fish-like structure.

INCREDIBLE, isn’t it?

Well, since we've noticed this phenomenon, we just CAN'T unsee it and we're sure you can't, either!

We like to call this appearance of the eye contour the “FISHY EYES”! 

Well, it is certainly not a medical condition. That was just an observation! And a helpful one at that.

Here's how - 

Observe closely in a mirror, and notice your eye area. If you could see the hollows of the eyes made even more prominent by the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes, fine lines & wrinkles under them, and droopy eyelids above them, try not being taken by surprise on noticing the evident fish-like figure they all collectively form.

DARK CIRCLES or EYE BAGS, on their part, would only make this appear further prominent. 

What we’re trying to get at is Dry, Darkened Under-Eye Area could be the concern that is most evident, but the MAGIC MANTRA is in taking a more holistic route – solving for the look of multiple eye-area concerns in 1 go!

If you see Fishy Eyes on your Eye Contour, that could be your cue to know that you CAN'T ignore Eye Care anymore!
After all, the first and quickest area to show signs of aging and fatigue is this FISHY EYE AREA!

Here are some unedited photos of the eyes of a few gorgeous women. Can you, too, see their Fishy Eye area?

(And like we said, ever since we've noticed it, we just CAN'T unsee it!)

Fishy eyes

Kapha consists of the elements of earth and water and is associated with oiliness, juiciness, heaviness. Kapha is the first stage of life – just think of a baby’s juicy and plump skin and the expression “baby soft skin”.

Pitta consists of the elements of fire and water and is associated with heat, sharpness, and determination. Pitta is the second or middle stage of life – just think of a teenager’s acne and hot temper, or a young adult’s drive and ambition.

Vata consists of the elements of air and space and is associated with dryness, lightness, alertness and creativity. In the Vata stage of life, we experience dry, rough and sagging skin, we may feel cold more often, but also reach maturity, wisdom, grace and mastery. During this time, it’s important to focus on practices that are warming, stabilizing, grounding and nourishing.

Now that you know that mature, sagging, or drooping skin is a result of the dry Vata stage of life, let’s find which Ayurvedic practices can help rejuvenate saggy Vata skin!  

2. Use specialized products made EXCLUSIVELY for the eye area. (Go BEYOND simple moisturization)

Regular face creams vs Eye creams

Being the thinnest and most delicate, the skin around our eyes is not as forgiving as the rest of our face is and really needs to be handled with care. 

Regular Face Moisturizers CANNOT work for the under-eyes as well as we'd want them to!

But we get the apprehension.

If you have noticed the skin around the eyes getting dark, wrinkled, sunken, or droopy, even though you might be using an unctuous eye cream, this could be the reason – 

While most eye creams do the basic job of moisturizing the skin, that’s all they end up doing. And the moisturization, too, hardly stays for long. 
Reason? Most eye creams are occlusive in nature, which means they stay on the skin, forming another layer. 
While they keep your under-eyes from getting drier, this moisturization hardly reaches any other layer of the skin. 
Worse, a lot of such eye creams leave your skin with those undesired, much avoidable small balls of built-up keratin - those dreaded bumps called milia. 

In short, most eye creams ONLY moisturize (if anything)!


Moisturization is important. But it’s not enough! We need to go BEYOND it!

You must go for an emollient with proven, time-tested ingredients that have unmatched moisturizing supremacy, penetrate and nourish the 7 layers of the skin, and go on to really brighten the skin from within, giving it a radiant, plump and smoothed appearance.

One such ingredient that embodies ‘going beyond moisturization’ in its truest sense is the Golden Emollient – Ghee. 
Ghee has held reverence and continues to do so in what is known as the oldest proven Science of Life - Ayurveda!  

Why does Ayurveda hail Ghee as the ‘Golden Elixir of Life’? 

According to the ancient Ayurvedic text, Sushruta Samhita, Ghee comes along with a world of benefits. Right from nourishing the tissues, and pacifying the doshas to even keeping your gut healthy, ghee is an excellent wonder-worker – that's revered in every household, especially in India.

In fact, Ghee was (and continues to be) used in a unique Ayurvedic therapy for the eyes called Netra Basti or Ghee Bath to relieve dryness, redness, discomfort and soothe the eyes as well as the skin around them.

The importance and auspiciousness of Ghee can be gauged from the fact that the ancient scriptures called it 'the sacred food'. But the benefits of Ghee go BEYOND being a superfood for internal consumption! What it does for the under-eye skin is something that even Ayurveda swears by! 

Ghee, The Ayurvedic Elixir of Life

Some Important Karmas (Action) And Benefits of Ghee for the Skin as per Ayurveda are: 

  • Ojovardhark- improves the overall vitality and Ojas of the body. Ojas is the life-giving sap that nourishes all of the tissues of the body. Provides intense, long-lasting, 7-layer deep moisturization to dry, dehydrated skin. 
  • Rasayana- exhibits rejuvenating properties. Rejuvenates dull, tired-looking skin for a well-rested look. 
  • Kanti Prada – is radiance bestowing. Lightens the look of blemishes and dark circles. 
  • Tvachya - improves the skin tone, complexion and overall health of skin. 
  • Vayasthapana—is believed to be age-restoring. Targets the appearance of common signs of aggressive aging around the eyes. 

What does modern science say about Ghee? 

Ghee is obtained by the process of clarifying milk fat at a high temperature. This not only intensifies its unctuousness, but it also removes the lactose from it, making it safe to be used by those intolerant to dairy.

This unique golden Ghee is a rich source of energy, fat soluble vitamins - like Vitamin A, D, E, K, essential fatty acids, and delivers these nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin.
Each of these has specialized benefits for the skin, working on brightening the skin and improving the look of wrinkles and droopiness.

It also revealed that the brilliant golden color of ghee is due to the presence of carotene in it.  

But should we use just plain Ghee on the skin
But should we use just plain Ghee on the skin

But should we use just plain Ghee on the skin then? 

Sure, you can... Even when applied alone, Ghee can have a noticeable transformative effect on your skin.

But here’s how you can go beyond! 

Ghee has another very important and really unique property – it has a supreme trans-epidermal penetrative quality and enhances the topical bioavailability of other herbs. This means that Ghee acts as an exemplary carrier to other targeted ingredients, helping them deliver their potent, active powers to the deepest of skin cells. Ayurveda calls it an Anupam - or a vehicle for other potent herbs.
Not only that, Ghee creates a synergistic effect with other ingredients – and effectively lightens the look of Dark Circles and smooths the look of wrinkles.

Here are some ingredients that deliver powerful results, especially in combination with Ghee. (look out for these in your next eyecare product) 

  • Firming: Rose, Carrot seed oil, Chamomile, Lemon Peel, Green Tea. 
  • Even-toning: Sandalwood, Lavender, Fennel, Lotus, Wintergreen. 
  • Rejuvenating: Rose, Gotu Kola, Chamomile, Green tea. 
  • Soothing: Lavender, Sandalwood, Rosehip, Sage oil. 
  • Hydrating: Rose, Lavender, Sea pearl, Sandalwood. 
  • Nourishing: Ghee, Lotus, Coconut milk, Green tea. 
Powerful results delivered by Ingredients

If the prominent look of Dark Circles is your major worry, here’s what works best in synergy with Ghee: 


A greatly esteemed Ayurvedic ingredient, Sandalwood is cherished as the quintessence of fineness that renders its essence and aroma even to the axe that slashes it. 

  • Sun exposure causes our body to produce an excess of melanin, and too much sun, particularly for the eyes, can cause pigmentation in the surrounding skin. Sandalwood helps sooth the look of sunburn and brightens the skin for radiant, sparkly skin around the eyes. 
  • Sandalwood is naturally infused with hydrating properties for the skin, helping keep the moisture intact for prolonged time durations. Acts as a treat for the Vata (or dry) skin type. 
  • Sandalwood bestows upon our skin cooling effects that pacify Pitta heat. Due to this, it plays a pivotal role in clearing the look of post-menopausal blemishes. 

Rose oil 

  • It is an excellent moisturizer, fights the appearance of heat buildup, calms the skin, and leaves a rosy glow. 
  • Rose oil is infused with a unique combination of natural rejuvenators like citronellol and geraniol, which helps in reviving the look of dull, damaged skin. 
  • Rose oil is also a good hydrating agentand leaves the skin looking fuller, plumper.
  • Bonus: the calming aroma of Rose is bound to leave you all calm and happy!

3. Bring out your SPARK CIRCLES! 

Imagine, what if, instead of those nagging dark circles ruining your charismatic look, you could adorn your eyes with the enviable Spark Circles’?! 

Say “move over!” to the look of Dark Circles and say No to concealing and hiding! 

With the right set of ingredients, zero toxicity, and an indulging daily ritual, you can bring out and flaunt your Spark Circles! 

What’s that, you ask? 

It’s the youthful, glowing skin around the eyes that makes you look well-rested, more awake, and refreshed, without the help of any concealer!   

And how can you bring out your Spark Circles? 

By using a 100% Natural, Organic Eye Care SUPERHERO that carries the legacy of Ghee and can brighten the look of dark circles and imbue radiance into the skin for those head-turning, compliment-grabbing SPARK CIRCLES! 

Spark Circles

Ajara Sandalwood Rose Age-Defying Eye Butter

Why be at the mercy of synthetic ingredients that often cause milia and milk spots when you have the comforting assurance of the all-natural time-proven Ayurvedic skingredients!

Ajara Sandalwood Rose Age-Defying Eye Butter is the Nighttime Nourishing Nirvana mature, darkened under-eyes need!

With regular use, in just 1 luxurious dab, applied every night, you could bid goodbye to the look of Dark Circles and say hello to SPARK CIRCLES!!
Nicknamed as the ‘Pot of Gold’owing to its brilliant hue and its wonderous effects, this Golden Emollient is guaranteed to become your new favorite! Wait till you experience its silky, decadent texture that glides so smoothly on your skin - you're bound to be addicted!
Don’t be surprised if your friends start hounding you for your “Age-Defying” secret or strangers guess your age to be 10 years younger! :)

Triple Synergistic Action: 

Ajara’s Age-Defying Golden Emollient comes packed with the triple synergistic action of Ghee + Sandalwood + Rose! 
This combination has an especially amazing effect on the look of Dark Circles! Here’s how it works: 

  • The amazingly deep penetrating effects of Ghee helps seep the goodness for other ingredients too like rose oil and sandalwood deep into the layers of the skin. 
  • Dehydration is one of the pivotal reasons that cause dark circles, hence hydrating the skin with this triple action hydrator trio is perfect. 
  • Other than hydrating the skin, Ghee keeps the moisture locked in for elongated hours. This is perfect for thin skin under the eyes. 
  • Rose oil is said to be extremely beneficial in refreshing and revitalizing the skin, hence, making the under-eye area brighter and more luminescent. 
  • Sandalwood works on soothing the appearance of pigmentation caused due to over-exposure to the sun.  
Triple Synergistic Action

What makes Ajara Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter stand out in the crowd of thousands of Eye Creams?


(This will make even more sense when, just after a few uses, you will be greeted with compliments everywhere you go!)

Purity: It’s 100% Natural and contains 100% pure, organic Ghee. There’s no artificial fragrances, preservatives, color, or even mild chemicals here.
Research: Comes with Ayurveda-Approved ingredients that has been proven to provide supreme moisturization to the skin, while also brightening and smoothing its appearance. These ingredients also come with the backing of Modern Science.
Affordability: It’s super-rich and unctuous, making a little of it go a long way! Hence, even a deceivingly tiny jar can actually last you months!
Innovation: Most of the eye creams that are available in the market have water/aqua as a main ingredient that dilutes their efficacy. Ajara Eye Butter has ZERO water and contains only rich, unctuous ingredients in their purest, most potent forms.
Synergy: It carries the triple syngeristic action of Ghee, Sandalwood, and Rose! This is the ultimate combination that fights the looks of dark circles effectively.
Efficacy: Many eye creams make claims but few actually deliver. Ajara Eye Butter has been created with proven ingredients to ensure that it actually delivers the benefits it claims. So that you can give up using concealers for good.


"Magic in a jar!
I worked in the cosmetic industry for 20 years in the past. I’ve used 200.00 dollar eye treatments and 10.00 treatments. I’ve tried them all, but nothing compares to Ajara. This is the FIRST and only eye treatment that not only lasts far longer than any other I’ve used, but just a tiny amount is needed. I actually look forward to applying it, as it literally glides on, but here’s the best part...... I’m 62, and I often hear “ you look 20 years younger, you haven’t any wrinkles or “ crows” feet around your eyes. And no, I haven’t had any “ work “ done.Ajara is magick in a jar. I most definitely recommend this product, and will be purchasing again very soon.

- Barbara A. from United States 


"No more dryness "
The product is great for dryness under the eye. A tiny amount on the little finger is all that’s needed to moisturize and sooth the undere eye area. Don’t be decived by the little jar; it lasts and lasts! 

- Kathryn D.  
Age 61 


"Soothing eye butter"
Love the feel and the scent and how small of an amount you need. Really recommend this product. Feel like my dark circles are looking lighter and eye area feels lovely! 

- Wendy B. 
Age 59  


The Most Trusted and Recognized House of Brands that provides centuries’ old authentic Ayurvedic solutions to 1,000,000+ happy customers spread across 4 continents in 150+ countries. 

We provide guaranteed 100% safe products, compliant with US regulations.

We worked across all standards, USP, US-FDA Cosmetic, and even European cosmetic regulations.

Apart from this we also conduct other quality tests such as peroxide value, acid value, refractive index, moisture content to ensure optimal manufacturing practices, with an assurance that each batch is as consistent and uniform as possible to work as expected. 

Ajara products are 100% natural, free of chemicals, free from any pesticide, restricted allergens or heavy metal toxicity exposure.

Purity, safety and efficacy lie at the core of Holisco.

Take advantage of this Eye Butter made with time tested Ayurveda-recommended ingredients that have proven to work over thousands of years.

More than 129,000 customers have loved this buttery eye emollient with an average rating of 4.8 stars. 


If you buy this now, you'll get a FREE Mini Youth Spring - providing the intense moisturization + look-firming goodness that Dry, Aging, Mature facial skin needs - with your order!

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  • Intensely Moisturizes the Face + Jowls + Neck + Décolleté areas
  • Smooths the saggy, crepey appearance of the Facial Skin
  • Helps in firming the appearance of the skin on the Cheeks & Neck areas
  • No Synthetic Fragrance. Only an all-natural, mesmerizing aroma
  • Clinically Tested, 100% Natural Ayurvedic Formulation that's gentle on your skin.


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"The BEST x 500" 
There is no better under eye moisturizer. There just is NOT. I have tried MANY. 

-Martha C.  


"Amazing eye cream!! "
 I am 40 years old and I have been using this eye cream and I cannot say enough nice things about it.I have skipped eye make up completely since I am getting told how youthful and energized my eyes are looking. I am thoroughly impressed with the outcome of this. The area under the eyes are softer and brighter with each night use. I will be purchasing with this company again since I absolutely love their products.



"looks promising!"
seems like a good product so far -skin below my eyes instantly firms up and lines are visibly softened - no other eye creams which i have used in the last 30 years does this. 


Ajara Bestseller | Handcrafted | 100% Natural | Not tested on Animals |
Ajara Bestseller | Handcrafted | 100% Natural | Not tested on Animals |
Eye Butter ingredients

Complete list of Ingredients: 

Ghee (clarified butter)*, Cera Alba (Beeswax)*, Santalum Paniculatum (Sandalwood) Oil*, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax*, Euphorbia Cerifera (Candelilla) Wax^, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)^, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Oil^, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil*, and Citrus Limon (Lemon) Peel Oil*.

 *Indicates Certified Organic & Non-GMO Ingredient; ^Indicates Non-GMO Ingredient.

Thousands of Ageless Beauties have used it, absolutely love it, and recommend it!  


"Worth it"
I was'nt sure when i purchased this if it would help my eyes. I have always had dark circles. Always, like that was my norm.Day one since i started using this, i feel the appearance of dark circles has become much lighter. i use it on my skin and lips as well sometimes it if feel they are too dry. 

-Sumana G.  


"Brighter Eyes"
I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!😍😍😍 this Ajara Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter I started noticing a difference within two weeks my dark circles under my eye are starting to get much lighter,I never thought that I would go out of the house WITHOUT makeup on I can now.

-Sharon D.  

Not only that, but you will find that the product is exquisitely packed in what you can call a piece of ART! You will be mesmerized by the beautiful hand painted Madhubani artwork by local artists, bringing life and beauty to your dresser!

Try it for yourself! 
And if for some unthinkable reason you don’t like the product, or it doesn’t work for you, then you can avail our 30-day FULL money back guarantee!

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"Best Product Ever!" 
Yay! I finally found it! I should've known thatAyurveda, with its all-natural ingredients, would be the way to go; but I'd never seen the eye butter before. I use it morning & night ... and totally love it. After light placement in the morning, my undereye concealer adheres beautifully, with no crinkling. Halfway through the first jar,there's an undeniable difference. I'm All In & highly recommend it for you, too!  

-Jeanette F. 
Age 64 


"Defying Eye Butter !!! " 
I absolutely LOVE this product!! I use it every night , and it gives me such a natural glow.And I can use it with or without makeup. I can’t say enough about how it has improved my eyes . I really love this products. . 

-Brenda C.  
Age 58 


"Great for moisture deprived eyes !!! " 
Love how this works with my under eye makeup. It makes it so it looks natural after I blend it in.I’m almost at a point where I no longer need makeup.  

-Kathy F.
Age 64   

Ajara Bestseller | Handcrafted | 100% Natural | Not tested on Animals |
Ajara Bestseller | Handcrafted | 100% Natural | Not tested on Animals |

Holisco brings to you amazing concoctions of products made from incredible Ayurveda-recommended herbs! 

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